Q. When do I need to book my move?
Q. Do I need a visa for overseas residence?
Q. Are my goods shipped door-to-door?
Q. When do I pay?
Q. How long does it take for my effects to get there?
Q. How much will it cost?
Q. What if I only have a few cartons or a small amount to move overseas?
Q. Who will pack my effects?
Q. Can I pack goods myself?
Q. Should I pack up and move on the same day?
Q. Am I able to take my car, motorcycle, boat or trailer with me?
Q. I have heard of fillers. What are they?
Q. How will you store my effects?
Q. Is insurance recommended?
Q. What value should I declare for insurance?
Q. Do I need an overseas address before shipping my goods?
Q. Can I store my goods, and how much does it cost?
Q. Is it best to store my effects in South Africa or at my destination?
Q. Can I ship my guns?
Q. How do I value my effects at destination?