Air & Sea Removals


Normal airfreight or “unaccompanied baggage” is frequently undertaken where part of the consignment, or the entire consignment is urgently required at destination.

This service is based on a “volumetric weight” factor or the actual weight (whichever is the greater). Depending on the size, these consignments are usually timber-crated or contained in lockable tin trunks.

A door-to-door service is offered and recommended but in order to reduce cost, a client may be permitted to customs clear and collect the effects personally at the destination airport in certain countries.


Ocean freight shipments of household effects are moved by containers to over 700 countries worldwide, utilizing the services of only the most reputable shipping lines. Containers are shipped on fully cellular vessels. Household goods containers go on top!

Depending on the size of the shipments or the clients’ specific request, effects will be moved in an exclusive-use container (FCL) or shipped in a shared-use (“GROUPAGE”) container. The exclusive container offers more determinable delivery date convenience as well as reduced handling of effects. The groupage shipment is very popular and a growing market by virtue of its cost-effectiveness but can rarely offer the same delivery date convenience and handling efficiencies of an exclusive container shipment.


There are 3 sizes of containers for road or sea freight i.e. a 6-metre (20 ft) container, a 12-metre (40 ft) container and a 12-metre “high cube” container:

  • 20’ Containers hold 30 cubic metres of effects
  • 40’ Containers hold 60 cubic metres of effects
  • 40’ High Cube Containers hold 73 cubic metres of effects

Volume examples (approximate sized in cubic metres):

  • 8 removal cartons – 1 cubic metre
  • 6 dining room chairs – 1 cubic metre
  • Double bed – 1.5 cubic metres
  • Lounge suite – 3 cubic metres
  • Washing Machine – 0.3 cubic metres

Transit Times

Approximate Transit Times by Sea for a Full Container are as follow:

  • Canada / U.S.A: 8 – 10 weeks
  • U.K. & Europe: 6 – 8 weeks
  • New Zealand / Australia: 8 – 10 weeks

Please note that transit times on shared containers are dependent on traffic frequency at that moment in time. A shared container can only be shipped once there is sufficient volume to fill it.