Pre-move Consultation

Moving is probably one of the most stressful events that can occur, because not only do you have to worry about how you will get all your goods to another country but also all the other important aspects like your family, your kids’ new school, your new job or the culture of this foreign country that you relocating to etc.

Our Move Consultants at Magna-Thomson Furniture Movers are thoroughly trained in the moving process. This means that they will handle all aspects of your move, while you get to worry about the more important things.

We therefore advise you to set up a Pre-Move consultation where our Move Consultants will visit you at your home and will be able to guide you through the moving process.

They will also:

  • ● … give you guidelines as to what you should take with and what would be easier and cheaper to purchase at your new destination;
  • ● … be able to get a better idea about what your individual needs are;
  • ● … help you to develop a move schedule which suits you;
  • ● … chat to you about packing services for your goods, transported or kept in storage facilities;
  • ● … be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Pre-move Consultation provided by Magna Thomson Move Consultant
Pre-move Survey being done by a Magna Thomson move consultant

Pre-move Survey

Once you have had a pre-move consultation and are happy that all your questions have been answered, and you are no longer stressed because you know that your move will be in good hands, we can move with you to the next step.

Your Move Consultant will walk through your home and conduct a Pre-move Survey. Here he will take inventory of all the goods that you need to have packed and use this information to create your free removal quotation.

Please allow sufficient time for the survey as this could take anything between 1 hour and longer depending on how large the home is.