Packing and Crating Services


Our top priority is to handle your household of precious furniture and effects with maximum care. Our highly-specialised teams possess a wealth of experience and expertise in local and long distance furniture removals, while our packing, transportation and storage facilities are first class.

When packing is requested, your belongings will be protected by the very best packing materials available. These include tough wrap, shock resistant double board cartons, coro-wrap, cushion-kraft, flat pack, bubble pack, acid free tissue and white wrapping. We also have hangpacks available for clothing and various carton types for breakables, books, linen, CDs etc.

Fine art, sculptures and antique pieces are custom-wrapped at the residence before being packed into tailor-made wooden cases or crates.

Your possessions are carefully protected with the best protective material available in South Africa.


Specific items such as fragile antique pieces, pianos, mirrors or painting, sculptures, marble tops, glass tops can be individually custom wrapped and crated for you at your residence. For local moves all your effects are carefully protected by blankets and/or plastic covers when loaded onto the removal vehicle.

Packing and Wrapping Duration

Please note that the packing and wrapping for a 20’ container generally takes 2 to 3 days, whereas this operation for a 40’ container generally takes 4 to 5 days. For “groupage” shipments, 5 cubic metres would take one morning to pack. A container for international moves usually arrives on the last day of packing.

Packer from Magna Thomson packing and crating services busy crating an item.
Magna Thomson packing and crating materials.
Magna Thomson packing and crating services busy wrapping a couch.