Environmental Policy

Environmentally sensitive procedures have been adopted as part of the Magna Thomson’s quality system which is focused on customer satisfaction while respecting national laws and regulations on environmental issues. Our environmental policy is based on 3 interlinked commitments which are the recycling of paper products, preventing pollution and maintaining awareness among our staff and stakeholders.

Environmental protection is a compulsory part of the continuous improvement process of Magna-Thomson’s quality system, which aims to satisfy our clients while respecting national laws and regulations on environmental issues.

Recycle of paper products:

We support the Mondi recycling programme of “Paper Pick-up” carts. Once the paper and cartons have been collected, the Mondi group does the sorting;

We have Mondi recycling bins placed in our offices and make use of their training programme for cleaning staff;

Where possible, we purchase materials that are manufactured from recycled products;

We recycle packing material and printer/copy machine cartridges and dispose of all non-recyclable waste in a legally responsible manner.

The work environment:

Our yard and gardens are kept neat and tidy and where possible we plant indigenous plants;
We reduce the level of gas emissions with the regular maintenance of our vehicles (trucks, cars, forklifts).


We keep our employees aware of the environmental issues by:
Informing them on how to protect the environment;
Involving them in our environmentally-friendly process.