01 Aug 2014

We bid farewell to Dave Buchanan, Branch Manager of our Johannesburg branch

Dave Buchanan

Dave in his Johannesburg office in 2014.

Today (August 1) marks a poignant moment for Magna-Thomson International Movers, as we bid farewell to Dave Buchanan, Branch Manager of our Johannesburg branch, upon his (second*) retirement. With 45 years’ experience in international removals – and over 20 of those at the helm of Magna-Thomson which Dave co-founded in 1990 – Dave’s impact on the industry has been immensely positive.

As a fitting tribute to him, his closest business colleagues – agents from around the world – and Magna-Thomson staff were invited to contribute farewell message and photographs of him, and these are shared below.

For more information on Dave’s background and his insights into the international removals industry, please click here: Magna-Thomson Press Release 31-July-2014

* Like many good men’s first retirements, Dave’s was short-lived – he originally returned temporarily to lend a hand, and soon returned full-time!

Testimonials: International Agents

A younger Mr Buchanan

A younger Mr Buchanan

Jim Peterson and Evan Jones, Grace International (Australia and New Zealand):
“The International Moving Industry is based on the strength of personal relationships, integrity, and a commitment to collectively providing our mutual clients with the highest level of service. Dave Buchanan has these qualities and more in spades. The Management Team at Grace International Removals in Australia and New Zealand wish Dave all the very best in his retirement, and would like to thank him for his wise council, good humour and diplomacy over the last 15 years. Dave has not only been an outstanding ambassador for his company and the moving industry in South Africa, but has also played a pivotal role in the development of company to company relationships around the world.”

Mark Nash, President: EuroUSA Shipping (USA):
“Dave I think you have come in and out of retirement more than the Rolling Stones 🙂
Good Luck Mate, let me know when your back at the helm again
Cheers Mark”

Kim Moseley, Managing Director: Chess Moving Perth (Australia):
“Happy retirement Dave and thoroughly deserved.
I have known Dave for about 15 years and during this time he has been an absolute “good guy”. Says it how it is, treats all fairly, a man of his word and a real good bloke.
Dave, your Scottish brogue will be missed. Tis a shame your countrymen cannot play cricket.
Best wishes from all at Chess Moving Perth.”

Matthias Tischer and Harm Meierdirks, Carl Hartmann GmbH & Co. KG (Germany):
“Retirement Part 2!!
Dear Dave,  Harm and I want to send our sincere congratulations for your upcoming retirement. We have the big pleasure to say that you are one of a very low number of our business friends in the world who visited our office in Bremen. We remember that you came over to Europe (shortly before your first retirement…) and stepped by with Anne.
In the name of our team here we can only say that working with / for you guys is always a big pleasure and it is it not just a business relationship, but a real and honest friendship. We wish you all the best for the future and hope to stay in touch with you.
Harm and Matthias”

Shared by Peter Wilkinson

Shared by Peter Wilkinson

Peter Wilkinson, General Manager, Constantine Ltd. (Scotland):
“Hope in retirement all remaining dreams will be realised, you have been my friend for over 40 years, just because you’ve now retired don’t become a stranger, you know I’ll find you and I know where you live!
Awe ra best,

Vince Parry, President: Parry International Relocations (Canada):
So Dave is retiring “again”.
I have been working with Dave for 25 years or more back to the days when we both worked for Scotpac Removals.
I recall at one conference I invited Dave to lunch at a Scottish restaurant and he was quite excited about it until he realized it was McDonalds!
Dave is one of the good guys I wish he and Anne the very best.”

Stephen Denning, Director: Fox Moving and Storage (United Kingdom):
“Dave is knowledgeable, helpful and has been a “constant” in all our dealings and trade with South Africa over the years.  He deserves a rest but I am sure that he will miss it as much as everyone at Fox Moving and Storage will miss his presence and input.”

Click to Read (1.3MB)

Click to Read (1.3MB)

Warrick Woodley, Director: New Zealand Van Lines Ltd (New Zealand):
“During a visit Dave and Ann made to New Zealand some years ago there was one thing Dave wanted to tick off his ‘bucket list’ – swimming with the dolphins! Trip was organised and off they went…all kitted up and ready to go Dave was in the water and having a ball…eyeballing the dolphins as they swam around him…he just loved it. Until it was time to get back to the boat…. getting tired and with quite a current running Dave was making very little progress. Everyone else had made it back however Dave just seemed to be  moving further and further away. Starting to panic and hollering at the top of lungs the skipper was finally alerted to his plight and duly picked him up.  We nearly lost you that day Dave…a very frightening experience but one you survived to live and fight another day. You’re made of tough stuff Dave and a great guy to boot! All the very best for your retirement and just make sure you keep in touch!”

Testimonials: Colleagues

Shared by Magna-Thomson JohannesburgThe Board of Directors, Magna-Thomson International:
“Our gratitude and best wishes to a much loved and well respected colleague and friend.”

Staff, Magna-Thomson Johannesburg:
“Dear Boss
We have sat down and tried to put words to paper, and the most suitable words that came about, were THANK YOU.
Thank you is a wonderful phrase to express a special gratitude to you, but there is actually a lot more meaning behind it.
It means Thank you for taking the time to show you care
It means Thank you for teaching many people to respect and care for others, and expecting so little in return.
It means Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us
It means Thank you for your sense of humour and for making the workplace an enjoyable place to be
It means Thank you in essence for being you.
You are truly one of those RARE people, and we are fortunate to have had you in our lives.
Your retirement is nothing short of a glorious achievement. Not every leader can retire with such grace and dignity and respect as which you will
A teary-eyed farewell from the whole office, you will undoubtedly be missed.”

Dave acknowledging long-serving staff.

Dave acknowledging long-serving staff.

Staff, Magna-Thomson Cape Town:
“Dear Dave,
On behalf of all at Magna Thomson – Cape Town, enjoy the afternoon naps!
Remember when you finally retire and return home from work one day and say, Hi, Honey, I’m home – forever!
A retired husband is often a wife’s full-time job. Good luck to Mrs Buchnan!”

Staff, Magna-Thomson Kwa-Zulu Natal:
“We will miss you dearly Uncle Dave (our favourite Scotsman) and your wicked sense of humour.
What an honour and a privilege working with you for the last 14 years: some of us longer, some of us less, but to all of us a very special man.
From all of us in the Magna-Thomson brands, we wish you well and all the best in your retirement!”

Do you have a farewell message you’d like to contribute?
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